Christmas Songs and Carols

Extending the Joys of the Christmas Spirit Throughout the Year

The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas season of anywhere in the world, including dusting off Christmas albums as soon as September arrives and enjoying our Christmas decorations long after people in most places in the world have taken them down and put them back in storage to remain unseen until the next year. With masses and festivals to attend, family to visit and traditions to uphold, the Christmas season can sometimes be a bit tiring, but we are always sad to see it go and cannot wait for it to come around again in a few months. It is the time of year to rejoice, bring joy to others and teach younger generations about our faith and customs.

But just because we already have the longest Christmas season on the planet, that does not mean that we cannot extend the joys of the Christmas spirit even more and bring at least a little bit of the spirit of this special holiday to each and every month of the year.

Here are three ways you can bring a little bit of Christmas joy into your life throughout the year:

  1. Start Christmas shopping early. Shopping for Christmas gifts throughout the year is not only a great way to spread out the expense; it is also a great way to experience the joy of finding that perfect gift for each person on your list during different times of the year – instead of all at once just before Christmas. This way, you also have more time to find special gifts for each person and can experience the joy of accidentally finding the ideal gift for someone when you least expect it.
  2. Make Christmas decorations with your family in July. Teach your children how to make their own parols while explaining their significance and learning new Christmas songs. This is a great way to pass your faith down to your children and to remind them – and yourself – that the Christmas spirit should be celebrated throughout the year and is not just about giving and receiving gifts.
  3. Bring joy to others every month of the year. One of the joys of Christmas is bringing a smile to someone else’s face with a Christmas carol, a gift, a visit or an act of kindness. Keep this spirit going throughout the year by making it a point to bring joy to at least one other person each day, even if it is only with a small gesture. Call a friend who is going through a difficult time, offer a ride to the market to your elderly neighbor, give food to someone who has nothing to eat or send a greeting card to a relative who lives far away. It can even be as simple as watching a romantic comedy with your partner when you really wanted to watch sports or taking the time to play a card game with your cousins.

Christmas is the most joyous time of the year, but there is no reason to leave the Christmas spirit behind once the decorations are put away. Keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the year by bringing joy to others and making every day a bit more Christmassy .

  Christmas Songs and Carols
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